Kindersley Skating Club


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PresidentAshley Cummings
Vice PresidentAshley Wildman
SecretaryRobin Herner
TreasurerLisa Padberg
Test ChairAnna Bakanec
CanSkate LiaisonAshley Cummings
Fundraising ChairCarmen Carter
Event ChairTracey Cummings
Coaching Representative Amber Wildman


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As skaters are allowed to progress at their own rate, there is no specific age range for each program. Coaches will assess each skater’s ability and place them accordingly.

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Children not yet playing Hockey but want to develop skating abilities in a power skating environment.


Transition from CANSkate to STARSkate. Must have completed all CANSkate Levels.


(Junior/Senior) Opportunity for skaters to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of Ice Dancing, Skating, Skills, Free Skate, Stroking and Interpretive Skating.

Competitive Skate

Must pass certain Competitive tests to qualify for competition.


Fundraising Expectations

The Kindersley Skating Club relies on fundraising to help subsidize our programs and keep your fees at a minimum. Examples of where the money is needed include (but not limited to) CANSkate program aids, coaching aids, program assistants, music, etc.

Volunteer Expectations

The Annual Carnival takes place in March in which we will be calling on parents/guardians to assist in putting on this event. Watch for emails closer to the date! In addition, a small costume expense may be incurred for your child’s group.

Annual General Meeting

The Kindersley Skating Club will be having its Annual General Meeting in the fall. It is important each family has a representative present to receive your chocolates and Skate Canada tickets.

Further detailed information, important dates, etc. is available in the “Skater’s Handbook” which will be distributed at the Annual General Meeting in September.

We look forward to seeing you at the rink!


Competition and event details will be posted here when available.