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PresidentBailen Atkinsonac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@tne1718294363diser1718294363p1718294363
Vice PresidentRyan Peardon ac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@tne1718294363diser1718294363peciv1718294363
TreasurerShannon Skinnerac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@rer1718294363usaer1718294363t1718294363
SecretaryAshley Cummingsac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@yra1718294363terce1718294363s1718294363
Minor Ball Board PresidentMike Rubleeac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@tne1718294363diser1718294363pllab1718294363
Skating Club Board PresidentAshley Wildmanac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@tne1718294363diser1718294363pgnit1718294363aks1718294363
Minor Hockey Board PresidentEthan Wigleyac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@tne1718294363diser1718294363pyekc1718294363oh1718294363
Fundraising Natalie Downac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@gni1718294363siard1718294363nuf1718294363
Bus GarageDean Beckerac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@ega1718294363ragsu1718294363b1718294363
Complaints DepartmentBrandi Calesac.st1718294363ropsm1718294363k@stn1718294363ialpm1718294363oc1718294363

For information on responsibilities of board members, see more here.

Executive Meeting Minutes

Copies of Executive Meeting Minutes may be viewed at the Kindersley Minor Sports Office located in the West Central Events Centre.

KMS Constitution

The Kindersley Minor Sports Association Constitution can be viewed here


Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients:

Jorja Johnson, Rhys Bacon and Jace Reichert!  

We wish you, and all our graduating members,

all the best as you begin the next chapter in your lives!!


          Graduating students attending post-secondary education and who participated in Kindersley Minor Hockey, Kindersley Minor Ball, or the Kindersley Skating Club in their grade 12 year can apply for our Kindersley Minor Sports Scholarships. Contact the KMS Office for the information.


“In today’s ever changing digital world, the Saskatchewan Hockey Association has identified social media as a tool that can be both positive and negative for your self image. Presenting speaker, Sheri Trapp, takes us through real life lessons that have been experienced by professionals and athletes alike and offers guidance on how to use your personal social media account in a responsible manner ”