Kindersley Minor Ball


PresidentMike Rubleeac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@tne1709395971diser1709395971pllab1709395971
Vice PresidentCurtis Grahamac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@ser1709395971peciv1709395971.bmk1709395971
SecretaryLori Freemanac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@yra1709395971terce1709395971s.bmk1709395971
Skills & Umpire CoordinatorTracey Wattac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@ser1709395971ipmu.1709395971bmk1709395971
Sr. Rally CapChelsea Omnesssr.rallycap@kmsportsca
Jr. Rally CapChantil Cookeac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@pac1709395971yllar1709395971.rj1709395971
11U – Baseball Ashley Greschnerac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971besab1709395971u111709395971
13U – Baseball Shaun Henryac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971besab1709395971u311709395971
15U – Baseball Connie Kitsonac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971besab1709395971u511709395971
18U – Baseball VACANTac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971besab1709395971u811709395971
U9- SoftballMitch Hopeac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos17093959719u1709395971
U11 – SoftballLiz Boisjoliac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos170939597111u1709395971
U13 – SoftballSherry Baconac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos170939597131u1709395971
U15 – SoftballLori Feaderac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos170939597151u1709395971
U17 – SoftballTammy Torrensac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos170939597171u1709395971
U19 – SoftballMira Breitkreutz-Wagnerac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@lla1709395971btfos170939597191u1709395971

Non-Voting Positions

Facilities & Equipment CoordinatorBrett Hawkingac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@sei1709395971tilic1709395971af.bm1709395971k1709395971
Scheduling CoordinatorSheena Ternesac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@rel1709395971udehc1709395971s.bmk1709395971
Sponsorship & PromotionsCheyenne Boschac.st1709395971ropsm1709395971k@sno1709395971itomo1709395971rp.bm1709395971k1709395971


Check out the KMB Question and Answer Sheet below.  If you still have questions, contact your division coordinator at the email address noted above.

Unsure of what division to register your player in? Please reach out to someone on the KMB Board!
* Late Registration fee applied automatically after February 29.

If you are paying by e-transfer, please put the Registrant’s name and the activity you are paying for in the message area!  (Credit card $3 admin fee applies only to CC payments made through Ramp and does not apply to e-transfers)
ALL fees for the 2024 ball season are due by March 31, 2024!  Please contact the KMS Office with any payment questions.


Information and links coming soon!



No tournaments currently.



U11, U13, U15, U17, U19

  • Navy Blue Ball Pants (Long or Short Legged)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo


Blast, Prep, Rally Cap

  • Comfortable pants (Ball pants are not mandatory in these divisions, but if wearing ball pants we recommend grey if moving into Mosquito and blue if moving into Mite)
  • Green Socks are not mandatory but may be worn with short legged ball pants if you want.
  • Green Belt is not needed, but may be worn with ball pants if you want.
  • Navy Blue hat with green KR logo is not mandatory but may be worn if you want.

11U, 13U

  • Grey Ball Pants (Long or Short)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo

15U, 18U

  • White Ball Pants (Long or Short)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo

Kindersley Minor Ball provides game jerseys for all divisions.

See the Documents section to download the PDF


Procedures will be posted soon.

In the meantime, please check the Schedule under the Quick Link at the top of this page to make sure the cages are not already booked by other teams.