Kindersley Minor Ball



june, 2023

Download yearly schedule – Weekday Games and Practices, Tournaments – HERE


Mike RubleePresidentac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@tne1685777499diser1685777499pllab1685777499
Curtis GrahamVice Presidentac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@ser1685777499peciv1685777499.bmk1685777499
Lori FreemanSecretaryac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@yra1685777499terce1685777499s.bmk1685777499
Clayton ArtimovichEquipment Managerac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@tne1685777499mpiuq1685777499e.bmk1685777499
Tracey WattUmpire Coordinatorac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@ser1685777499ipmu.1685777499bmk1685777499
Shannon Booth ElliotSkills & Development Liaisonac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@rot1685777499anidr1685777499oocsl1685777499liks.1685777499bmk1685777499
Taylor JamiesonBlastac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btsal1685777499b1685777499
Todd LoerzelSr. Rally Capsr.rallycap@kmsportsca
Liz Boisjoli Jr. Rally Capac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@pac1685777499yllar1685777499.rj1685777499
Ashley Greschner11U – Baseball ac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499besab1685777499u111685777499
Shaun Henry13U – Baseball ac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499besab1685777499u311685777499
Connie Kitson15U – Baseball ac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499besab1685777499u511685777499
Lori Feader 18U – Baseball ac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499besab1685777499u811685777499
Mitch HopeU9- Softballac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btfos16857774999u1685777499
Holly GoddardU11 – Softballac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btfos168577749911u1685777499
Pam DewanU13 – Softballac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btfos168577749931u1685777499
Tammy TorrensU15 – Softballten.l1685777499etksa1685777499s@sne1685777499rrott1685777499m1685777499
Mira Breitkreutz-WagnerU17 – Softballac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btfos168577749971u1685777499
VACANTU19 – Softballac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@lla1685777499btfos168577749991u1685777499

Non-Voting Positions

FACILITY COORDINATORElaine Eppac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@sei1685777499tilic1685777499af.bm1685777499k1685777499
SCHEDULING COORDINATORSheena Ternesac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@rel1685777499udehc1685777499s.bmk1685777499


2022 Tournament Dates to be announced in May

View the Tournament Registration Form here

Download PDF

11U – BaseballTBDLynco/Longhorn
13U – BaseballTBDLynco/Longhorn
15U – BaseballTBDFlanagan
18U – BaseballTBDBerard
U11 – SoftballTBDSource for Sports
U13 – SoftballTBDLynco/Longhorn
U15 – SoftballTBDLynco/Longhorn
U17 – SoftballTBDLynco/Longhorn
U19 – SoftballTBD



U11, U13, U15, U17, U19

  • Navy Blue Ball Pants (Long or Short Legged)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo


Blast, Prep, Rally Cap

  • Comfortable pants (Ball pants are not mandatory in these divisions, but if wearing ball pants we recommend grey if moving into Mosquito and blue if moving into Mite)
  • Green Socks are not mandatory but may be worn with short legged ball pants if you want.
  • Green Belt is not needed, but may be worn with ball pants if you want.
  • Navy Blue hat with green KR logo is not mandatory but may be worn if you want.

11U, 13U

  • Grey Ball Pants (Long or Short)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo

15U, 18U

  • White Ball Pants (Long or Short)
  • Green Socks (for players wearing short legged pants)
  • Green Belt
  • Navy blue hat with green KR logo

Kindersley Minor Ball provides game jerseys for all divisions.

See the Documents section to download the PDF


Procedures will be posted soon.

In the meantime, please check the Schedule under the Quick Link at the top of this page to make sure the cages are not already booked by other teams.


2023 CLINICS (Clinics will be posted as we are approved.)

  • Baseball Skills Clinic. Registration is open to U11 – U18 Kindersley Minor Ball players. Registration closes May.1,2023.  No registration is final until payment is received. Please e-transfer $10 to ac.st1685777499ropsm1685777499k@nim1685777499da1685777499. Include Players name in memo line.
  • 2023 Baseball Skills Clinic


  • Lots of the answers to your questions can be found on the KMB Question and Answer Sheet below.  If you don’t find the answers there, please contact your division coordinator at the email address noted above.

  • 2023 Softball Registration
  • 2023 Baseball Registration

Please make sure to hit submit to apply the code and then the discount will show up under your fees to the left. If you choose to pay by visa, an admin fee will automatically be added to your fee.  If you change your mind, and do choose to e-transfer instead, you will notice that the admin fee will remain on the form. Please do not pay the admin. The proper rate will show up in your profile under transactions if you wish to confirm before sending payment.